Success Factors


RHR is committed to PRODUCT LEADERSHIP - delivering the best solutions to all of our markets ahead of the competition on a consistent basis.

We know that new products and services are essential to business growth. They help us to better meet the needs of those we serve, as we attract new clients and grow and strengthen our relationship with our existing clients. Our products and services provide tangible solutions that differentiate us from our competitors.

RHR's product offerings include Web-based solutions throughout all of our businesses, in addition to traditional service bureau offerings.

We are leveraging the Internet to deliver solutions to an ever-expanding range of prospects.

RHR product leadership, like World Class Service, not only requires a sustained, enterprise-wide commitment from us, but also is one of the key elements for our future success.


RHR is committed to WORLD CLASS SERVICE. It is at the core of our service culture and will always be the heart of our relationship with our clients.

We define World Class Service as an ongoing journey toward service excellence. World Class Service challenges us to consistently reset the high bar of our performance levels to meet or exceed the expectations of an ever-more-competitive marketplace.

RHR's commitment to World Class Service begins with the first impression we make on a sales call...how smoothly we install our systems...and how effectively our solutions work. It is a combination of everything we do to create a client relationship - and make it flourish.

We measure the success of our commitment to World Class Service through client satisfaction scores and client retention rates. Those two key metrics have historically reflected how well we serve our clients.

What differentiates RHR from the competition?

We believe that service demands increasingly higher levels of excellence - and there is no level of service today that cannot be further improved tomorrow.


Outstanding associates help RHR to succeed.

RHR's continued success depends on our ability to attract, motivate, empower, and retain exceptionally talented individuals that reflect the diverse business environments we serve.

* We want to attract and retain associates who have the skills, shared beliefs, and dedication to service excellence that can help us compete - and continue to win - in both the local and global marketplace.

* We especially need to recruit and retain associates with specialized skills that are essential to succeed in the modern, global business environment.

That's why RHR has made a long-term commitment and investment in becoming an EMPLOYER OF CHOICE - creating a culture that contributes to ever-increasing associate satisfaction levels.

We offer our associates challenges, opportunities for advancement, competitive compensation and benefits, and training and development in a fast-paced business environment that is also sensitive to work-family and flexible schedule needs.Our goal is to be the clear Employer of Choice for our current and future associates.

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