Energy & Resources

Consistent growth in India's GDP since the introduction of the economic reforms program in the 1990s has made India one of the fastest growing major economies of the world. Within this economic environment, India's energy consumption growth has also recorded a significant increase. Although India is the fifth largest energy consumer in the world, the country's per capita energy consumption continues to be well below the world average and has significant potential for growth. In particular, India's power sector and the oil and gas sector are expected to undergo major expansion, as the country's energy sector gears itself to sustain economic growth rates of above 6% over the next 5 years.

We recognize that as the energy sector in India witnesses growth over the next decade, demand for world class professional services will be required to support the increasing economic activity anticipated in the sector. In order to serve the sector better, we have established an Energy & Resources (E&R) industry vertical with the primary focus on the Energy & Resources sector. The vertical covers the following industry groups focusing on oil and gas, power, mining, renewable and nuclear energy.

Our E&R group is supported by over 3000 professionals from our global network who serve 54 of the 80 Energy & Resources companies included in the Fortune Global 500. The top 10 national oil companies (NOCs) hold approximately 90 percent of the world's oil and gas reserves. RHR serves 4 of these companies, and since they are government owned, are not included in the Fortune Global 500. In addition, RHR serves all super majors, have more than 300 oil and gas sector clients and is consistently recognized by analysts - including Emmerson and Gartner - as a leading firm in the sector.

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