Technology integration

Technology is changing the way we live our lives and run our businesses. It has been clearly seen that well designed and delivered IT solutions bring growth, profit and competitive advantage. A poorly designed or implemented solution, on the other hand, can cripple an otherwise stable business. Our Technology integration practice helps clients realize the business value from IT and use this tool as an enabler for organizational success.

The quality of our technical skills is enhanced through our practical knowledge of implementation and our ability to leverage our relationships with key product vendors. Our experience, tools and time tested methodologies add to the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

Technology integration service offerings can be classified under:

  • Information management and delivery
  • Technology advisory

I) Information management and delivery

Information management and delivery strives to help our clients derive value from the information available in their organizations to influence market focus, customer strategies, financial forecasting, performance management and operational processing.

We design and build technology-based solutions for clients to meet this environment, from improved management information analytical applications and dynamic data management & storage architectures to portals & content delivery and documents and record management to workflows and transactional applications.

Some of our sample offerings in this space are:

  • Business intelligence and data management
  • Corporate performance management
  • Custom software

1.1) Business intelligence and data management

Our Business intelligence (BI) offering enables organizations to make best use of their enterprise data by exploiting it as a valuable business asset. Typical business benefits include optimizing operations and finance processes, understanding current and past business performance and performing analysis to model future business scenarios.

Today’s organizations generate huge amounts of information on a daily basis. This presents a number of challenges which include amongst others storing data, moving it from one place to another within the organization and most importantly deriving value from it.

Our expertise lies in defining, designing, implementing and advising on leading edge technology solutions to deliver benefits to our clients. We complement this technology expertise with extensive skills in business analysis, business and operational management, financial accounting and value delivery.

Some of the key vendors that we work closely with to deliver solutions are:

  • Business Objects
  • Cognos
  • IBM
  • Informatica
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • SAS
  • Teradata

1.2)Corporate performance management

Many organizations continue to struggle to gain insights from decision making information in order to respond to challenges in an informed manner. We have seen a large number of organizations undertake a variety of initiatives to improve their performance, but have not achieved the desired benefits due to a poor planning and performance management frameworks.

Our Corporate performance management (CPM) solution combines balance scorecard methodologies, executive reporting and budgeting, financial planning tools and enterprise-wide, web-based analysis and reporting and helps Clients overcome their performance related concerns.

Some of the key technology vendors that we work with for implementing CPM solutions are:

  • Business Objects
  • Cognos
  • Oracle (Hyperion)
  • SAS
  • SAP

1.3)Custom software

As a part of Technology integration services, we have a strong team of consultants for developing customized software applications as per client needs. We cater to niche areas where clients are unable to find suitable standard applications or are looking to integrate with third party solutions for business operations. We have also developed an ‘Expense management system’ that caters to all types of expenses (capital & revenue in nature) in an organisation.

2) Technology advisory

The challenges posed by delivering technology-enabled business change are well documented; the solutions are not. While we capitalize on in-depth technical knowledge and experience, our primary focus remains the client, not the technology. We concentrate on delivering the right outcomes through flexible and innovative approaches tailored to our clients’ specific challenge.

We understand that no technology solution is effective unless it is easy to understand and easier to implement. Our professionals ensure that our technology solutions meet this imperative and our clients continue to enjoy the benefits of our advice long after we have left.

Some of the key areas where our expertise lies are:

  • IT cost rationalisation
  • IT sourcing and procurement
  • IT strategy, architecture and governance
  • Managing major technology programmes

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