Permanent Staffing

  • Executive Search (High Circle).
  • Executive Placement through Databank.
  • Bulk Recruitment Projects.

Executive Search (High Circle):-Executive Search consulting is appropriate for:

  1. Hiring Top-Level Executives.
  2. When the challenge is to hire not just any qualified person but most qualified and most appropriate person.

Executive Placement through Databank:-You can opt for this service in case your requirement.

Primarily addresses recruitment of Senior and Middle level recruitments and the process will involve a suitable short listing is done through competency based interviewing and relevant behavioural questionnaires.

Bulk Recruitment Projects:-

The Service is well suited for start-ups,new project manning,plant expansion,scale up of team sizes and geographical expansion of teams; the Services include bulk recruitment within the projected timeframe,especially junior/middle level.

Our All India network enables quick processing of responses and manages the entire process effectively.

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